A downloadable game for Windows

My entry for the first GMTK Jam. 

You play as a robot, fighting other robots in a big castle. 

The basic idea is that your health is your ammo -- both your robot's "shields" and tools are powered by batteries, as indicated in the top-left corner of the screen. You cannot kill yourself by just shooting, but by doing so you have less health left for when you get hit.

The entire game uses a rough algorithm that bases the difficulty of each room on the number of rooms visited and the time passed when entering the room.

I've made everything myself (save the font, Consolas, included in Windows machines) in Game Maker: Studio, so there is no credit to give to anyone but me, but I thank Microsoft for the font.

By: Samuel Gullin

Published Jul 16, 2017
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam

Install instructions

This is just an executable .exe file, just download and launch.


Castle.exe 2 MB

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